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Congrès de Neurochirurgie

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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to welcome you to the 4th Middle East Spine Society congress. This New edition will be held in the capital of Morocco, Rabat, 10-13 May 2017.
On behalf of the Moroccan society of Neurosurgery, the Moroccan Society of Spine and Spinal Cord Surgery and the Middle East Spine Society (MESS), we are honored to invite you to participate in our meeting.
Beyond a great academic forum that will provide you the latest update on spine research and treatment options, our congress will be the perfect place to share your knowledge with your colleagues in the Middle East, North Africa and all over the world. The chosen theme for this international meeting is “Going Further Together”. This choice is just the reflection of the aim of our societies and our philosophy in sharing science and developing our countries with the synergy of our efforts.
As in the past, the 4th congress of the Middle East Spine Society will continue developing spine surgery by a various program such as hands-on workshop, precongress courses, live surgery and challenging discussions on current controversies.
Also, you will have the occasion to meet worldwide medicals firms on the exhibition hall witch will expose their latest inventions, techniques and products.
As always, the Moroccan hospitality will provide you an unforgettable journey of science and Moroccan live art. In addition, we will offer the opportunity to young neurosurgeons and residents in neurosurgery to have a scholarship to attend this high-level regional spine meeting and meet outstanding international experts.
Rabat, the city with many spots designated as a UNESCO world heritage sites, will be without doubt an excellent venue for the MESS 2017.

I would like to welcome all of you, young and experienced spine surgeons to join us working together for the development of spine surgery in our region.


Abadi najia


Najia El Abbadi 
President of the SMNC & 4th MESS congress, 2017

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Assises de Neurochirurgie


01 AVRIL 2017 à Oujda

Coordinateur: Professeur Fayçal Moufid

ASSISES MENSUELLES Du Mois de Février 2017

25 Février 2017 à Marrakech, Hôtel Savoy

Coordinateur: Professeur Said Ait Benali

ASSISES MENSUELLES Du Mois de Janvier 2017

28 Janvier 2017 à partir de 14h30 à Rabat

Coordinateur : Professeur Adyl Melhaoui